Monday, July 03, 2006

Go Veggie?

Assalam alaikum,

I'm drowsy, just had a HEAVY meal.

A co-worker just took me to an Indian vegetarian restaurant. Both of us have never been there before, but we came to know about the restaurant from another Indian Muslim, whose quest for halal food made him take refuge with this veggie joint.

At the restaurant, I ordered a combo that came with two spicy main dishes, two types of bread on the side, a small salad topped with mango pickles, sweets, and mango juice.

Well, I don't know if these Indian veggie cuisines are deliberately made so unappetizing as part of their suffering (the belief that life is a suffering), or they are actually enjoying it.

Personally, I found it:

1- No fresh vegetables (except for the little salad that I was hesitent to eat, I don't eat raw onion). The rest are heavily oiled and spiced, and more importantly over cooked.

2- High in refined carbohydrates

3- Low in fiber

4- High in sodium/spices/oil

And to add to all of this, we were immersed in an OILY-scented air; and accompanied by high pitched Indian music in the foreground (yes, foreground not background, because they had a big TV screen - which at first I thought they had the World Cup on the screen).

Finally, worst of all, a BIG "golden" statue was there... Yep, besides blocking angels from coming in, it was a statue of limitation for human beings to enjoy a healthy natural meal as Allah has provided.

Go Veggie? No thanks; I've just been there.

PS: I’m not against Indian or veggie cuisine, but healthy ones please, or at least tasty.